Fall Autographed Book Opportunities

We want to let you know about a new season of exciting autographed book opportunities that Books, Bytes & Beyond will be offering in the upcoming weeks. The authors featured below will be visiting schools this fall but we are able to extend this autograph opportunity to our e-newsletter, Twitter and Facebook subscribers.

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Children’s author Angela DiTerlizzi and children’s illustrator Brendan Wenzel will be signing copies of their new book, SOME PETS. Autographed copies will be available on Wednesday, September 28.  


Some pets sit.
Some pets stay.
Some pets fetch,
And some pets play.Come one, come all, to the pet show! With dogs and cats, horses and chickens, hamsters and chinchillas-and many, many more!-this book celebrates animal companions of all shapes and sizes. Who will take home the coveted Best in Show ribbon? Join the fun to find out!
Praise for SOME PETS:
 “The plot is a celebration of diversity, both human and animal…”

 ~Kirkus review

To download activity sheets for SOME PETS click on the following link:
Best selling children’s author John Bemelmans Marciano and award winning children’s illustrator Sophie Blackall will be signing copies of their new series, The WITCHES of BENEVENTO.  Autographed copies will be available on Thursday, September 29.
Welcome to Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches! The children of Benevento have to be careful and clever to evade the clutches of such witches as the Manalonga, the Janara, and the Clopper, who hide in wells and under bridges, fly at midnight, and play tricks during Mischief Season.
Five cousins – Primo, Emilio, Rosa, Maria Beppina, and Sergio – share adventures and narrow escapes, and discover astonishing secrets as they outwit the witches in each exciting story.
Praise for The WITCHES of BENEVENTO:
“An old-world atmosphere and prickly sibling rivalry make the book read like a classic fairy tale, while an undercurrent of mystery paves the way for future books.” ~Publishers Weekly
Follow the link to watch a video of John Bemelmans
Marciano and Sophie Blackall discuss the story
behind their new series, The WITCHES of BENEVENTO:

Award winning and best selling children’s author Jory John will be signing copies of his new book PENGUIN PROBLEMS.  Autographed books will be available on Monday, October 3.



A penguin levels with human readers about what penguin life is really like-and it isn’t all fun and games. A hilarious first collaboration from Jory John (All my friends are dead. and Quit Calling Me a Monster!) and Lane Smith (The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales).

Have you ever considered running away to Antarctica? Of course you have! Because it’s a land free of worries and responsibilities! All of your problems will surely be blown away by the icy winds of that lawless paradise!… Won’t they?

Think again, my friend. This penguin has come to tell you that his life down there is no more a picnic than yours is here. For starters, it is FREEZING. Also, penguins have a ton of natural predators. Plus, can you imagine trying to find your mom in a big ol’ crowd of identical penguins? No, thank you.

Yes, it seems there is no escaping the drudgery of your daily grind, whatever it might be. Or perhaps we’ve just learned that grumps are everywhere. . . .

“Well-paced, bursting with humor, and charmingly misanthropic.”~Kirkus Reviews starred review

“The temperature may be below freezing, but the snark level is cranked up high in this collaboration between funnymen John and Smith.” ~Horn Book starred review

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